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InclusionFX is a platform designed to support and amplify underrepresented voices in the VFX for features, television and games industries.

Our goal is to give the next generation access to role models by sharing the hero’s journey of a diverse range of professionals. Our team are uniquely positioned to unite the voices of giants in the VFX and Games industries and present their perspectives as a united group of heroes the next generation can look up to. This will be achieved by broadcasting an ongoing series of panels that anyone can access.

Every three months, we invite individuals from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, from all aspects of visual effects, animation and game development to impart their wisdom, survival skills, and hero’s journey via the IFX online channels.

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Meet our Founder


Audrea Topps Harjo

Founder | Producer

Audrea Topps Harjo is a versatile force in the entertainment industry, contributing her talents to prestigious projects from visual effects to directing and producing. With a prolific career spanning three decades, she's also a champion of inclusivity, founding InclusionFX to amplify underrepresented voices in VFX, television, and game development. Recognized as Filmmaker of the Month by OCTFME in 2023.

About: Team Members

Meet our Team

We are a collection of visual artists, game developers and producers with a wide variety of professional experience, both in working for major studios and working to actualize our own visions.


Lyndon Barrois

An AMPAS VFX Branch member, Lyndon boasts a long career in art and animation. His film credits include THE MATRIX TRILOGY, HAPPY FEET, and THE THING. He wins accolades for his unique gum wrapper animations of historic figures and events, producing his films entirely
on iPhones. An HBCU grad from New Orleans, he’s on the boards of The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery,
CalArts, and the AMPAS Museum’s Inclusion Task Force.


Yvonne Muinde

Studio Owner, Creative Director

Yvonne Muinde, born and raised in Kenya, has worked in the VFX film industry since 2003. Her design and artistic knowledge has contributed to the visuals of many award winning films and even landed her a V.E.S. award for her matte painting work on Avatar. Her traditional art is the foundation that she stands firmly on when matte painting and the combination of both can be seen in over 25 feature films.


Wayne Kennedy

Sr. Producer In-Game Cinematics

Wayne Kennedy has cultivated and forged a wide-spanning slate of credits and expertise through his various experiences working in visual effects, animation design, and film-making for companies such as Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and as the original content department as Director of Creative Development for
Digital Domain.

Wayne is currently the Senior Producer for in-game Cinematics at Blizzard Entertainment.


Chris White

VFX Supervisor

Chris White is a Visual Effects Supervisor with over 25 years of industry experience. From feature films and streaming media to special venue projects, he has a passion for making engaging environments, creatures, and effects. His work has been recognized with multiple awards from the Visual Effects Society, along with Academy Award, BAFTA, and Emmy nominations.


Andrew Roberts

VFX Supervisor

A two-time Emmy Award-winner, Andrew Roberts is one of ILM's most versatile Visual Effects Supervisors with over 25-years of experience in crafting effects for film, television, and commercials. Among a number of accolades, Roberts earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, and received Sports Emmy Awards for his contributions to the Super Bowl 36 and Super Bowl 39 television specials.

Prior to his role as Virtual Production Supervisor on the highly anticipated Disney+ miniseries, Obi-Wan Kenobi directed by Deborah Chow, Roberts served as On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor on Iris Shim's thriller, Umma. An exceptional collaborator, Roberts' expertise in supporting filmmakers from script through on-set production to screen shines in each project he contributes to. His credits include Godzilla vs Kong, the award-winning animated short Cops and Robbers, Ang Lee's Gemini Man, and the Oscar-nominated film Snow White and the Huntsman.


Sheena Duggal

VFX Supervisor

Sheena Duggal is an acclaimed visual effects supervisor, director and artist whose work has shaped numerous
studio tent-pole and Academy Award nominated productions. She is known for her design skills, creative direction and visual effects supervision on blockbuster films such as VENOM, THE HUNGER GAMES and CONTACT.
Duggal is also a published photographer, holds a BA (hons) in graphic design specializing in animation and lens media.

About: Team Members
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