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InclusionFX #9 

Our goal is to unearth those unsung “Black Unicorns” who spin their magic in the shadows while working tirelessly to bring their talents, passion and vision to light. We want to let the world know that we are here. We aim to inspire and educate the next generation of artists by sharing our unique stories. 

We will highlight those amazing journeys.

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Audrea Topps Harjo

Audrea Topps Harjo has worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. She has worked for Sony Pictures (CONTACT) Cinesite (X-MEN 2), Electronic Arts, WETA FX (RISE OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES), James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment (AVATAR SEQUELS).


She is currently

Independent Feature Film Producer located in Washington, DC.


Marketing Professional

Originally from D.R.Congo, Dédy BILAMBA is a 20 years marketing professional, with life and work experience in France, Côte d'Ivoire and Canada, mostly within the entertainment industry.

Passionate about promoting African cultures, Dedy is currently working with the Vues d'Afrique film festival in Montréal. He is the co-founder of AFRO VFX, a program with the mission of bringing professional VFX education to students in sub-saharian french speaking Africa and helping to grow an ecosystem of world class African vfx talent.

Saïdou Bernabé _ Headshot.jpg

VFX Supervisor, Co-Founder

Saïdou Bernabé is a VFX Supervisor with 15 years of experience in 3D animation and Visual effects. He’s been part of some acclaimed feature films such as Underworld, Despicable Me, John Carter or The Hobbit, from France, Ireland, United Kingdom to New Zealand.


Today, Saïdou is the co-founder of PARALLEL 14, the first Caribbean 3D animation, Visual Effects and Video game Academy. The Academy is currently part of a cooperation program for students exchange with Trinidad and Tobago.


Saïdou is also the Head of PARALLEL 14 Studio, a company that works onto 2D and 3D projects for television and cinema. The Studio, is part of an Animation Studio Cluster with Saint-Lucia and Jamaica.


PARALLEL 14 is currently based in Martinique and plan to expand beyond.


3D Animator

Melanie was born in Paris, France. She studied Art History for four years, one year of communication and five years of 3D generalist school in Isart Digital. She has been living in Canada and working as a 3D animator. She has worked at Cube Creative, MPC, Mikros, and Blue Spirit.

Tamir Sammy Diab Headshot Temp.jpg

Virtual Production CG Supervisor

Tamir is a Virtual Production CG Supervisor at PIXOMONDO in Toronto, Canada

my face 2021.jpg

Game Narrative Writer

Louisa Atto is a writer and narrative designer with Sweet Baby Inc. She’s a huge narrative nerd and loves stories, how they get told, and the way characters bring them to life. When she’s not working on games, she is a published author in the young adult space. She currently lives near Toronto, Canada.

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