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InclusionFX #12 

Our goal is to unearth those unsung “Black Unicorns” who spin their magic in the shadows while working tirelessly to bring their talents, passion and vision to light. We want to let the world know that we are here. We aim to inspire and educate the next generation of artists by sharing our unique stories. 

We will highlight those amazing journeys.

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Audrea Topps Harjo

Audrea Topps Harjo has worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. She has worked for Sony Pictures (CONTACT) Cinesite (X-MEN 2), Electronic Arts, WETA FX (RISE OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES), James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment (AVATAR SEQUELS).


She is currently

Independent Feature Film Producer located in Washington, DC.

Mel Garber.jpg

3D Artist

Mel is a 3D generalist and VFX artist that has quite a bit of experience in different mediums and disciplines. He focuses mostly on texturing, lighting and rendering, but he has a solid knowledge of the rest of the 3D production pipeline, and post production/compositing. He is also a traditionally trained illustrator, and believe telling a good story is the most important aspect of this industry.

Kyle Yearwood Headshot.jpg

Visual Artist

Kyle creates works of surrealistic imagination, instilled with themes of self-love, self-empowerment, and magic. Kyle’s 2D/3D animation & artwork has gone viral on social media, been exhibited in numerous museums, and lit up the screen in the Smithsonian Channel’s recent documentary, Afrofuturism: The Origin Story.


Digital Media Artist

Founder of VIHSION, Shiv Andrews specializes in videography, post-production and motion design. Clients acquired through his freelance career range from the lifestyle, beauty and music businesses. A huge lover of videogames, he is now working at A44 Games in Wellington, New Zealand as Digital Media Artist & Marketing Coordinator

Roman Headshot 2.JPG


Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois USA.  Gifted with artistic abilities (drawing/painting/music); he uses those abilities to be a storyartist; one that designs and creates IP to change the world for the better.  As a storyartist and transmedia producer, he champions innovative mediums and approaches to use t.v., film, music, publishing and gaming to build an interactive and immersive experience for his audiences.

Kader Bagli.jpg

Kader Bagli is a Lead Compositing Artist, working at RISE Visual Effects Studios in Germany. Being a visual artist and a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, she aims to empower cultural diversity and show appreciation for storytelling through visual effects within all communities.


Vice President

Katrice is the VP, Creative Services & Digital Strategies for Buoyant Partners, a multicultural marketing agency. Her work spans 35 years as a TV/Digital Media Producer, Creative Director and Management Consultant for corporate and non-profit clients including PBS Online, AOL/Case Foundation, Nike and TV One. 

head shot.jpg

Color Designer

Constance Allen grew up in Los Angeles, California, where she earned her BFA in Communication Design and her MFA in Film and Television, specializing in animation from UCLA. Her passion for animation led her to pursue work in the field, and her first production job was with Warner Brothers Studio on "Space Jam" as a painter. Since then, she has worked at several renowned studios including Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Adelaide, and Sony.

With a strong desire to make children happy and give back to society, Constance is a versatile creative professional who excels in various roles such as Color Designer, BG Painter, Freelance Art Director, Illustrator, Technical Director I and II.

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