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Dad. Husband. CG artist with almost 20 years in the Industry, mainly doing 3D works for TV ads, passionated for Feature Character Animation, Camera Staging, Storytelling, Writing, Lighting, Cinematography and Filmmaking. Thirsty for knowledge, learning never ends!

I'm Adobe Suite & Autodesk user.

experienced in Silicon Graphics, Amiga, PC and currently in Mac.

skilled in...

Cinematography and film grammar (CCFP-ESCAC, Barcelona)

Feature Character Animation (

Graphic Design (reading books + autodidact)

Acting and Psichology for Animation (workshops, books + autodidact)

Maya (since version 1) - expert

Arnold for Maya - expert

Mudbox - intermediate

Cinema 4D - intermediate

Photoshop - expert

After Effects - expert

Illustrator (for design and motion graphics) - intermediate

Shotgun (project managing) - user level

Deadline - user level

Cinesync - user level



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